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Pat Rady "A Basketball Life"

From Coach Rady:

I would like to take time to thank MTC Sports Network.  They have been first class in every aspect of doing this documentary on me.  It was a real pleasure working with MTC Sports Network.


Greg Maish was the person that convinced me to do this.  I was reluctant but he finally convinced me. I have joked that he could sell The Brooklyn Bridge as we presented this at various interviews.  However, to be honest, Greg is one of the most sincere and kindest people I have ever met.  He was always very helpful and would go above and beyond in helping me during the interviews. His love and knowledge for Indiana High School basketball was evident throughout this project.  I will always cherish the many hours he gave me and the wisdom he gave me in this type of project.  I truly feel that I am a better person now after meeting and sharing time he gave me.  Never did I hear him complain to me when we had to do over some part of an interview. Greg will always be a special friend.


The other people that played some major roles in this project were very helpful and dedicated.  Mr. Randy Maish, General Manager of Mulberry Telecommunications, would always meet me each time I was at their studio with a warm smile and would ask “is there anything we can do for you?”  Shawn and Jake were very cooperative in much of the project and were first class working with me.  They accepted my mistakes without complaining and just repeat what we were taping.  Throughout this project there would be other people that would be there in the place of the ones I mentioned and were the same professionals in their work. MTC just has a super crew and a group of special people that love their work and spent many hours above and beyond to complete this documentary.


MTC Sports had Greg Rakestraw to do the narrating of this documentary.  It was a pleasure meeting him and the fine work and time he gave to this project.


It was a project that I was reluctant to do but will be grateful for whatever reason Greg Maish wanted to do it. It helped me to recall some great memories that brought some tears, some smiles and full laughter.  MTC Sports were extremely kind to “the old coach” so that I was able to cherish again some aspects during my career that helped me to love and cherish this great game.


Thank you Greg and your total team to make 51 years even more enjoyable and the time you gave to this project will always be very much appreciated.   


MTC is very good at doing livestream of both high school and college sporting events.  They have great video coverage plus knowledgeable announcers.  If you can’t make it to a sporting event, check out, you might just find a sporting event that you will enjoy watching.


I would also like to thank the Cloverdale School Corporation and Cloverdale High School for working with MTC to show the Documentary at Cloverdale High School. The time and effort from Mr. Linton, Mr. Stoltz, Mr. Sailor, Mr. Wade and Mr. Rady’s marketing class was very much appreciated.  Your contribution helped make a special night to be even more special.

Like to thank all the people that have been part of my life in various capacities that helped me to live a life that Greg Maish wanted to dwell into it.  This was one of the major reasons that I was reluctant to do this because we simply could not include all that have been important in my life.  I cherish every community that I was fortunate to have had the privilege to be a part.  The players, students, teachers, parents, fans, sportswriters, the list just goes on. All were part of my basketball life.


Last but by no means least is special thanks and love to my wife Margaret, our sons Patrick and Michael.  They were always there and without them, there would have never been “Pat Rady A Basketball Life”. - Coach Rady

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